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To mark their 90th anniversary, the Bank for International Settlements, the bank of central banks, opened its doors to the public for the second time in their history. We were commissioned to conceive, curate, design and develop an exhibition and visual communication campaign which could encapsulate the essence of this unique global banking institution to the public at large. Three floors of their landmark tower were made anew, each one re-envisioned as a vivid journey of discovery, revealing the workings of the BIS and the world taking shape around it. Each floor was given over-arching unifying themes: what we do, who we are, and where we are. Visitors explore and directly interact with the legacy, impact and future of money, finance and global banking. The exhibition is a radiant and playful multi-layered experience which elicits immersive multimedia, interactive experiences, moving mechanical devices, optical illusions and architectonic interventions. Here, every sense is engaged in surprising ways, and every question becomes an intuitive puzzle to solve, share and enjoy.